Online services review

Dear St Paul’s friends and family,

We have now been recording and uploading daily acts of worship for just over a month and, I suspect, we will be doing so for a month or more longer. So I wanted to ask you to review these services and feed back to me.

Our desire is to help you in your spiritual faith, and to help us to have a continuing awareness that we are God’s people here in Hook.

I’ve written a few questions below. Please answer them and get back to me.

You can either email your answers to me ( or send them as messages to me over Facebook Messenger; in fact I’m happy to have your replies in whatever format suits you.

God bless you and I pray that through this, the services we offer will serve and bless you better.

God bless, Luke.

  1. Are the services just right as they are? (Unlikely, I know!)
  2. Would you like these services to be a bit longer? (or is the current 13 minutes about right?)
  3. Would you like some hymns and songs included? (There will be a cost for the copyright,
    but that’s fine)
  4. Would you like to have other people involved (for example, doing the reading, or leading
    the prayers, or sharing a testimony?
  5. Would you be willing to pre-record prayers, bible-readings or testimony, to be included in
    these services?
  6. Would you like some sort of kids activity as part of these services? Or should we send out a
    weekly kids activity separately?
  7. Some churches live-stream a longer service (up to an hour). Would you prefer this?
  8. Do you have any other suggestions about how these services could be improved?