At St Paul’s we run a number of regular activities for people of all ages.

Knit and Natter

Meeting on Monday afternoons in the St Paul’s Centre beside the Church. A place to chat, laugh and knit. (Mondays 2-5pm).

Women’s Fellowship

Meeting monthly on a Monday evening in the St Paul’s Centre. An enjoyable evening of learning, having fun and meeting up with friends old and new. Contact the Parish Office for more details.

Mothers Union

A monthly Christian women’s meeting working together to support local families whilst growing in friendship and faith. More information about the Mothers’ Union at St Paul’s.

Bible Study Groups

There are three groups that meet on Mondays and Thursdays to study the Bible, to pray, to learn and to chat. Contact the Parish Office for more details.

Open Church

Every Saturday morning the Church is open from 9am to 1pm. All are welcome to drink tea or coffee, to chat, to enjoy the quiet or to remember loved ones.